info : 03/2006


1995 acid maria: "melatonin" loop . serotonin rec. n.y.

1996 steve bug vs. acid maria: "toby nation" ep . raw elements rec.

1996 acid maria: "croissant show me gusta mucho" rave & cruise compilation . kosmothority rec.

1997 steve bug vs. acid maria: "indiscrete" ep . raw elements rec.

1997 steve bug vs. acid maria: "you might be surprised" ep .raw elements rec.

2001 gebrüder teichmann in love with acid maria: "makin' salad" . festplatten rec.

2002 gebrüder teichmann in love with acid maria: "flaming lips" nighteffect mix cd . wmf rec.

2003 markus güntner feat. acid maria: "so well" . ware rec.

2003 electric indigo / acid maria: "female pressure presents: welttour" mix cd .true people

2003 special appearance on chicks on speed: "99 ct" coperformance for wordy rappinghood .cos rec.

2005 electric indigo: "traum" (acid maria & steril rmx) . indigo:inc

2006 acid maria with abe duque: "turn down the lights" . 12" / abe duque records #10

"ts hoch drei", a film to "trashscapes" by ellen allien, on the exclusive dvd for subscribers of music magazine spex


Acid Maria began to play records in nocturnal urban life on 6 December 1992. This day represents for her a complete turning point in her life, it was a tiny location in Munichs Glockenbachviertel - German Santa Claus. Approximately 20 friends showed up, amongst them also DJ Hell, who has supported her from the beginning, and with these 21 people the club was already well filled. For her the evening became a decade-changing experience,"when for the first time after a break people stretched their arms into the air to welcome the Bassdrum, that was it for me. I knew: this is what I want to do ".

Even at that early time, the music was already a purely subjective mixture from what the electronic scene offers: her influences reflect her own world travels, what she finds between Detroit and Cologne, Chicago and Helsinki, Minneapolis and Munich, New York and Berlin - at first perhaps not travelling personally but on a journey with the fingers, leafing though recordcases in recordstores. She picked out what she found interesting and connected it all to something new. Very soon gigs outside of Munich followed, then international appearances. In the meantime she played in 20 international countries and on over 500 occasions, including the 90's large rave flagship Mayday, the beach party with friends and her feet in the sand or the Festival for electronic music set up by the Goethe-Institut (German cultural exchange), in Mexico-City in front of a crowd of 40.000. "Some people ask me whether I will end up getting bored and if everything feels like a constant repetition. But I feel it changes all the time. And to be confronted with such different expectations and conditions is each time a challenge." Her musical style ranges today from minimal-rhythmic to significant-quotationful and forms which can not be precisely defined. Criteria for choice remains always: her own interest and an enthusiasm that wants to be shared. Acid Maria searched also to cooperate with others on her music-production, she released records together with people like Steve Bug (Raw Elements, starting 1995) Gebrüder Teichmann (Festplatten, WMF-Records), Markus Güntner (Ware). Her cooperation with DJ-friend Electric Indigo, the Mix-Compilation "Female Pressure presents: Electric Indigo & Acid Maria: Welttour", was released on True People in 2004.