info : 2002

foto: parasound

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alex kühl was influenced in the 80's by the electronic synthie-band DEPECHE MODE, so it was not far away, when he smelled the pure electronic club sound where he could experience a new kind of atmosphere through mixing the records into each other. 1990 he started djing at a local sunday club where he tried to convince the people to this "new sound" – and this with big success. After several partys he started to look out for fresh music and found places like hardwax in berlin, delirium in frankfurt and container records in hamburg. These long journeys showed him, that you had to go far away to find the right sound in this time, so in 1995 the recordstore CONTAINER RECORDS MUNICH was born. In the same year he founded together with his friend yaniv tal from israel the psychedelic trance labels HADSHOT HAHEIZAR and BALLOONIA LTD. The market was really small for this kind of music, so in 1997 they tried to open their own distribution called COSMOPHILIA, specialized in psychedelic trance, which is now one of the biggest distributions for this genre worldwide.

1998 - the year of changes: alex kühl felt too much influences from other people in his projects and also the psychedelic music was stuck for his taste, so he decided to seperate himself from the labels and the distribution for a new orientation.

PARASOUND " the symbiosis of future & past creates the now"

Parasound means "more than just music". It stands for the shop, the label and it is also a life philosophy for everybody who gives respect to creativity.

The high output of the label parasound was too much for one label and he decided to split the label output into three diverse sound directions :


By djing, alex tries to hit the nerves of the people by creating a kind of spheric and groovey atmosphere without using trancey elements at all, a kind of hypnotic progressive sound, which goes from groovy tribalistic tech-house ´til pumpin minimalistics and sexy techno. At the moment alex is working intensively on the growing baby parasound and its new sublabels.

in his free time, alex started a project together with oliver morgenroth called "scarabeus", which will be also the name of the new sublabel of parasound. This new label will feature artists like massimo vivona, r&b, kontrasequenz...

Together with Inspiration Network and Parasound there will start very soon a event series in Munich which features underground tec-house with various guests.

As dj alex kühl, he played on events and clubs all over europe:
The fridge-london, cave-club-salzburg, electric delicate-munich, achtermai chemnitz, rave on snow, meierei-vienna, loveparade-berlin, paris, italy, poland, switzerland, croatia, netherlands, usa, spain....