info : 12/2002

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Orin 'Afronaught' Walters, Paul 'Seiji' Dolby, Kaidi Tatham, Daz-I-Kue, Alex Phountzi and Scott Clifford make up the crew known as Bugz in the Attic. The group boasts a label, BitaSweet Records, a studio, The BitaSuite, and a production company with a roster including some of the most exciting acts and artists of their kind in the UK.

These six original members of Bugz in the Attic were brought together by Orin Walters and Seiji during 1996 in Orin's attic studio in Richmond each bringing their own skills to the table and, noticing the sound that was being produced was something new & exciting, the Bugz were officially formed.

Since the formation new recruits have been added to the crew - first Mark Force (formerly G-Force) morphed in via his recording relationship with Seiji, Matt Lord then brought his engineering and production skills and lastly, DJ Mikey Stirton was brought in to run the label and production company - with many more honorary Bugz coming in on different projects.

Bugz in the Attic refers to the whole group of producers/musicians/DJs with individual talents and influences but with a common goal - to create and promote quality, contemporary soulful music. As a result, within the crew various projects have developed demonstrating the multitude of talent that exists, from the contemporary afro fusion sounds of Neon Phusion, Afronaught, Kaidi Tatham and Misa Negra to the more digital, electronic sound of Mark Force and Seiji, but not forgetting the soulful, broken, house and garage influenced style of BB Boogie, U.S.C. and of course the 'Bugz in the Attic' sound itself.

Over the last 5 years the Bugz have been working with and for several independent record labels in London including People, Reinforced, Laws of Motion, 2000 Black, Main Squeeze alongside international independents such as Yellow, Compost, Archive, R&S, Ubiquity, Planet E, etc... while also producing and remixing for majors like Sony/S2, P Records, Def Jam/Island, Talkin' Loud, Ultimate Dillemma, Universal plus many more. 1999 saw the start of their own label Bitasweet Records, fast approaching it's 20th release, which has released some of the biggest tracks from the so called 'Broken' scene including Kaidi Tatham's 'Betcha Did', Mark Force's 'Gypo' and Seiji's 'Loose Lips'.

However, the Bugz are still involved in many outside projects; collaborations with Dego, IG Culture and restless soul as well as being co-founders of the 'Co-Operation' record label, which has now released two compilation albums reflecting the community spirit that Bugz, Modaji, Phil Asher, Dego, Alex Attias, IG Culture, etc work within.

Having been DJing and performing individually and collectively at some of the most cutting edge clubs and events throughout Europe and the rest of the world for the last few years, Bugz and their contemporaries have now started clubs of their own in London, the 'Co-Op' club, which features all the artists that appear on the album, and 'Got The Bug', Bugz own night.

Plans for this year are dominated by producing more quality music and getting it to as wide an audience as is possible, via all avenues, with tours and events worldwide (USA, Japan & Europe) starting with the Bugz party at the Miami Winter Music Conference in March. Since then Bugz have started residencies in Edinburgh, Amsterdam, Portugal and are still guesting regularly throughout Europe and the rest of the world.