info : 03/2006


Every once in a while an MC emerges who profoundly alters the landscape of hip hop. Big Daddy Kane. Rakim. Chuck D. Ice Cube. Jeru. Biggie Smalls. ODB. Eminem. It's time to make room for another name on that list. Straight out of that boogie-down borough where it all started, C-Rayz Walz comes heavily armed with his self-created style - The Art of Energy. Spellbinding, cinematic, jaw-dropping, mind-blowing, completely original. The words will be put in your mouth. All it takes is one listen to start understanding why the game is about to completely change. Having achieved a mythic rep in the underground as a soloist as well as a member of the mighty crew known collectively as STRONGHOLD, this urban legend has been applying a vice grip on the independent scene for quite some time now. C-Rayz is totally for and from the streets, managing to soar above and beyond that realm while staying connected to hardcore and mainstream listeners. C-Rayz proves that he is "Hip-Hop manifesting himself through Rap" on every track he blesses. The past, present and future are all represented to the fullest dimension on his projects and no one can walk away from the listening experience without feeling they just heard something incredible. After seeing his performances, hearing his solo projects and listening to him shine on various collaborations, hardcore fans have become Conspiracy Theorists, demanding to know why this artist is not in every record store and touring all over the world, being seen and heard by the people he represents so effectively. But, thankfully, that's all about to change. Having already served up countless MC's on vinyl platters, C Rayz has decided to take it to the next level by combining forces with Definitive Jux. You can almost hear history being made already. With a destined-to-be-a-classic album, Ravipops, on its way, and his debut 12-inch "The Essence," the first shot across the bow, C-Rayz Walz is here to stay and his universal sound will stand the test of time. Get ready and definitely, definitely don't sleep. 'Nuff said.