info : 04/2001

foto: ramich


- Eddy was born on August 17th 1972 in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.


He is of half Slovak and half Croatian nationality and spent his childhood in the Netherlands, Slovakia, Libya and Germany, that all had a big influence on his way of thinking.
- Besides he was actively engaged in sports, Eddy also attended the music school, playing the violin.

- During the years of breakdance fever he became interested in hip hop and so he started dj-ing at school parties. His affection towards black music had developed more and more ever since and during his visit in U.K. in 1988 he became familiar with acid jazz and soul foul house, after which he started dj-ing quite seriously.
- His first more important gigs took place in the summer of 1989.

:: In 1991 Eddy started studying at the Faculty of Business Economics in Zagreb, Croatia, when he also took over his first dj residence at the Club "Aquarius" on Saturdays. Soon after this he begun producing his own music.
- Since 1994, Eddy hosts his own radio show ("Kontrapunkt") at the "Radio 101". In the same year he became resident dj at the "Club 1", as well as he made several remixes for several Croatian pop-acts.

:: 1995 was a quite significant year for Eddy, namely, then he started dj-ing in Croatia and elsewhere nearby. That is also when he met Dus, during one studio recording, and started working together.
- In 1997, under the name Eddy&Dus, they have signed a contract with the French publishing house "Penso Positivo". Two years after this they have released the album "High life", which received great critics in several prominent British magazines in the year of 2000.

:: Dj magazine/ .... , eddy & dus create a playful, positive, life – loving vibe that's uniquely their own. (9/10) claire morgan jones
::Blues&soul/......., High life is pure laid back soulful house music, drawing upon jazz, soul and break beats as its influences..
::The guardian/..., their style is both playful and intelligent, ...( 4/5)
::Muzik/ (4/5), jockey slut/ (4/5),...

- Besides the album "High life", Eddy&Dus also released four singles under the same label, out of which two were remixed by mateo&matos and dj gregory (yellow productions).
- In 1999. Eddy released his first ep Zagreb cuts vol. 1.
- So far, Eddy&Dus have released more than 20 remixes of international and Croatian performers. This year they publicized their remix for Dzihan&Kamien of the song "Smile", as well as the remix, that received so far excellent critics, of archi shepp’s "hipnosis" for the label Mo’smog from Italy.

:: The A&R manager of the label Mo’smog, Paolo Scotti coworks with Eddy more and more, and hence Eddy fastens his ties with Mo’smog the more and shall soon release his remixes of Sun ra, and works on deals of making remixes for other Jazz legends.
- In addition, Eddy also prepares with Dus a remix of ep compositions of a Zagrebian jazz musician.

::- Since April 1999, Eddy&Dus host on Sundays their regular club-night "Kontrapunkt" in the club Aquarius. Last year they have also organized, within their Club night, the Future Jazz Festival "Kontrapunkt", that has been spotted quite well, and have thus decided to organize another this year again.
Within "Kontrapunkt", so far have performed, Gilles Peterson, Jazzanova, Beanfiled, Les Gamma-Tom Wieland, Dzihan&Kamien, Emanuela de Luca, Nicola Conte, Karl Injex, Marschmellows, Kyoto Jazz Massice, Eva Gardner, Raw Deal, Keyser&Shuriken,…..etc