info : 03/2002

foto: dj ender



Ender started DJ'ing in the late eighties when the first wave of Acid House struck over Finland.
In a classic DIY spirit he managed to organize several warehouse-parties with his friend JA-Jazz (Pepe Deluxé).

"Those were 100 percent chaotic experiences. We lacked proper equipment and knowledge of what this new electronic music was really all about. Nevertheless we managed to pull things off somehow, mostly due to our enthusiasm rather than skill, I must say."
Few years later legendary Club Deep followed, setting standards for the whole future club scene. Ever since his name has stood for quality among the groove aficionados in Finland.

At the moment besides the nights as a resident at Kerma (widely considered to be the top club in Scandinavia), Ender is a regular guest in clubs all over the world (Italy for some weird reason being his particular favorite).
It's mostly house, funk, jazz and latin stuff that he collects, but in the flow of his mix labels become meaningless whereas dancing obligatory. "I've come to believe that categories belong to the shelves of a record shop, not the dance floor", he suggests.

Having the background of a techno-head Ender admits he still prefers tracks with a deeper feel. It's just that what he considers to be deep has changed. "I'd like to see myself as a DJ who plays music - not genres", he points out.
Although Ender primarily considers himself a DJ he has managed to come a long way as a producer as well. Teaming up with Marko L. he founded Function Recordings in 1995 that would serve as an alternative forum for Finnish instrumental electronic music.

In 1998 Nuspirit Helsinki, an unorthodox collective of musicians and DJs, masterminded by Ender and Thomas K, was formed. Since it's first release on Guidance-label it has successfully sought new musical frontiers in the forefront of what we call today the nu-jazz scene.