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Enrico ist Gründer und Chef des international sehr erfolgreichen Plattenlabels 'Archive Records' und schon immer ein leidenschaftlicher DJ. In folgendem Interview verrät er genaueres:

Archive Music that has to be collected

Without a doubt Archive was one of the most refreshing labels of 1999.
Along the lines of techno, jazz and breaks the Italian label came with six releases showing the broad talents from people like Domu and Nubian Mindz,and especially with the trilogy 'The New Season', also featuring Dego and Phil Asher, showing what it's all about. Together with Dego's 2000 Black defining the new fine juicy sounds of the moment. Time to hook up with label boss Enrico Crivellaro, and lay down some questions.

Can you tell something about your own background, how you did get into music?
I started buying hip hop in 1987, then progressively bought a pair of decks and got fascinated by the imports from Chicago (early mr Fingers, Armando, Mike Dunn), New York (Nu Groove) and then from Detroit (Transmat, Retroactive). From 1990 to 1993 I tried to organise parties where I could play this stuff... well let's say Italy wasn't the best place for this music..

Why did you start a label?
Technically speaking it just happened that me and my partner Frank met at the club Pergola while I was djing and after we set up the drum 'n bass label Sonica (he's well into drum'n bass), I just wanted to do my own thing. anyway I always dreamed of running a label which could represent the sound I'm into (Archive really does). I got my inspiration from labels like Retroactive and A.R.T (Op-Art), labels that I collected religiously waiting with impatience any new release. That's why I called the label Archive: music that has to be collected 'cause it will sound good in the future too.. well hopefully.

Can you tell something in short about the artists on the roster? Some of the Artists are already famous producers like Dego, Phil Asher, Alex Attias -- others like Nubian Mindz (Colin Lindo) and Domu are new names for the electronic scene, even though they are well known drum'n bass producers (respectively Alpha Omega and Sonar Circle). I'm really partial with Colin's music, his tracks are giving me the same excitement I used to have when I was checking the new detroit imports at my local record store in 1991. and his album is going to be baaad! Domu's "Mandaloria" is one of my favourite tunes on the label so far.
He has some ace tracks in the making now: watch out!!

How would you describe the sound of your label, and where do you want it to go to?
The sound is totally eclectic, but there's definetly an electronic common element in most of the tracks.. Also you can hear I'm really into string-led tracks.. We're gonna keep a balance between really musical tracks and more dancefloor-based ones; I think "the New Season" trilogy gave a good perspective of what we are all about. Anyway, we have still few things to say, musically speaking.

Which artists are missing on your label?
:) So far: Mad Mike, Larry Heard, Kenny Dixon jr, Stasis and.. Roy Ayers.. but you never know.. :)

You are yourself from Italy, how's the dance scene over there?
The overground is scary -all dominated by commercial house- but the underground is getting better constantly (I'm talking club-wise). We have a monthly Archive night @ Pergola in Milan, where I play with friends like Dego, Phil Asher, Gilb'r, Ian O'Brien.. The atmosfere is dope, we don't get real support here anyway, but to tell the truth we are talkin' a different language! (I don't rate any other label in Italy! full stop!)

Do you produce music yourself too?
I'm more a dj actually, but I did few Drum'n bass records in the past and a track on Archive with my mate Dev Paradox! also there's a little thing coming out soon on Dynamite Joint. At the moment I'm setting up a little home studio.. I should have an ep on Archive by the end of the summer, plus I'm working again with Dev for a single on 2000 black.. We'll see.

How do you see the world wide development of electronic music in general?
I don't know, I'm not really interested in which direction it's going, I'm more concerned in keeping the sound of my label always fresh and hopefully soulful. I can just say that with people like 4 Hero, IG Colture, Mad Mike, Alex Attias, Theo Parrish, Phil Asher and Ian O'Brien we are in safe hands.

You seem to have some in common with 2000 Black, any connections? Collaborations?
Well, the thing is that mr Dego is a good friend of mine and we have a similar taste in Music and Football (Inter Milan), and obviously since I was hanging out with him and Dev @ Reinforced I met there Colin (Nubian Mindz). I think it all started from there. I don't
know if we'll do some collaboration in the future but I can say 2000 black is the label I feel closest.

What will Archive bring us the coming year?
Singles by Ian O'Brien, Theo Parrish, Domu, Phil Asher, Modaji, Volcov, Nu Era, Opaque and more... The Nubian Mindz album ("new world chaos") in April and a double cd compilation before the summer (one cd mixed by me).

interview by Dipar Retroper (
January 2000.