info : 02/2005


Chris Esycho began performing as a DJ in 1988 when he was just 18. The scene in Germany was still in the underground back then and he worked on several school- and private parties, mixing classic hip hop and rap music with US house and other wired electronic music.

By the end of '89 Chris began to perform on several "one off parties" all over south Germany - along with DJ Hell, Westbam, Blake Baxter, Jeff Mills, Jonzon, Oliver Kapp Kevin “Reese” Saunderson, Laurent Garnier, Jack de Marseille, and other, now very wellknown artists.  In 1990 Chris moved to Munich, to start an apprenticeship as a salesman. By this time he started to get involved in Munich's Nightlife and he performed at munich's famous "Ultraworld" parties and numerous "one off's" and the "babalu club".Together with some friends he started to run the technoclub "Halfmoon" in Salzburg/Austria - one of the first regular technoclubs in Austria. Later this club was voted to one of the best spot's in Europe. Out of the big success they had with their crazy club, Chris and his friends opened Austria's wellknown promotion company "Homeless performance" and they started to run legendary raves in old airbases, industrial grounds and other outstanding locations around Salzburg/Austria.

They presented first time performances from Colin Dale, Colin Faver, Dave Angel, Grooverider, Rok, Derrick May, Jack de Marseille, Laurent Garnier and countless other artists. During this periode Chris started travelling more and more over Europe as a DJ.

His performance lead him to countries like France, Italy, Swiss, Poland, Russia, Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia, Bulgaria, USA and Belgium. He has already performed at K4 (Ljubljana), Toxxic (Nürnberg), Nexus (Linz),Danube Rave (Linz), Cave Club (Salzburg), The Gazometer (Vienna) Lifeball 2000 (Vienna), Mettle (Toronto), Psycho Thrill/Spy in the house (Cologne) Ostgut (Berlin), Arezzo Nightwave (Arezzo), Printempes de Bourges (Bourges) , Tresor (Berlin), Lifeball 2001 (Vienna), Lifeball 2002 (Vienna) and on countless other clubs and "One off's" - just to name a view. Two years later, Chris left the "Homeless Performance" and went back to Germany to start another apprenticeship as computer programmer for IBM Laserprinters.After this short return to the "regular" world, Chris decided to stay in Vienna since he never gave up to perform all over Europe.In Vienna he started an eventserie called "Lifeforce by 4 elements" and performed at several "One off's" at different locations in Vienna. Again, Chris presented first-time performances of artists like Baby Ford, Brenda Russell and many more.  These parties were running for almost one and a half year. After a break of a view month Chris started to work for Viennas wellknown partypromoter XXX - shortly after he decided to foundate his own company "4 Elements".  Together with P. Straub he was running Austrias biggest artists & promotion agency - wellknown and respected for their work from artists worldwide.Beside that he took care of the licensing for XXX records Vienna by all its Sub Labels - resulting out of his long and good relationships to nearly all respected "electronic music labels" around the world.

1998 he fusionated with Viennas top-underground promoter Gregor H. who runs Viennas famous parties called "Tatort - Vienne electronique special".They were throwing several parties together under the moniker "World 2 World” (some of the guests: Space Dj'z - Ben Long & Jamie Bissmire a.m.). October 1998 Chris stopped to work for XXX Productions, after personal differencies, November 1998 he worked as the Productionassistent of the wellknown Viennese "IMOTA” Fashiondays - which are highly respected for their representation of young & upcoming  Fashiondesigners.

After a break of two month Chris teamed up with the wellknown Viennese Promotioncompany "Sunshine Enterprises” - which were responsible for Vienna's and  Austria's most voted & highly respected club called "Meierei”.

Beside all these fast changes in his life - Chris never gave up his Deejaycarriere - at Vienna's Meierei he helds his residencies and he's highly recommended as one of the Techdance & Detroit  Techwizzards of Vienna (the man who never gets out of his style)!

1999 Chris slowed down his traveling through the world  - but there have been some very interesting stations during 1999, he was touring with Soma's Nigel Hayes & Funk d'Void in Bulgaria, Poland & Russia. - also he played some fine selected gigs in some other parts of Eastern Europe and Portugal.

In February 2000 Chris did a Tour  in Canada which was highly recommended and a great effort - but mainly he concentrated on his work for Sunshine Enterprises and the Sequence Network Festival in Vienna He also had held & helds his residencies at Vienna's Club Meierei and Flex.

Meanwhile he quit his job for Sunshine Enterprises and the Sequence Network Festival, where he was one of the driving forces and one of the creative heads behind both projects, to found with some friends a label called Negligè Tunes. Beside all this hard work Chris entered the production side of his music and you have to expect some real fine releases in the future - watch out for further informations.

Musicwise Chris is in a range from deep & moody housetunes - over techdance - t'ill

classic techno - some might call him the “Detroit Techno Jazz Wizzard” - he'simply saying about himself that he's  playin “intercontinental sounds” with it's main aspect on funky & real soulful - but always kickin! - tracks that should move ya!

Some selected Projects at the moment for 2005:

Early 2005 - touring alongside with "Evil" Eddie Richards (formerly known as Acidman aka Jolly Roger & one of the most respected "the Shamen remixers" (Other Sounds / Dynamix / Lunar Tunes / End Rec. / Storm / The End & Fabric Club London UK), Pure Science (Pure Science / Fabric London UK) live

Helding his residencies at Ra`an Vienna (each month), Club Massiv (all two month), Flex Vienna (all three month), WuK  Vienna(several one off`s in 2005 with artists tba.), Zentraus Barcelona (all three month) & more?..

Taking care off his own clubnights at Ra`an Vienna - were he invites wellknown & upcoming artists from all around the world (Style House/Techhouse) - for example Mark Shade (Keep diggin London UK) & many more.

Presenting one of those rare & outstanding one off show`s of Basic Channel live for 2005 in Vienna!

Preparing his weekly Radioshow on Vienna`s Play FM called the "Can`t mix - won`t mix show" - the show will take around three hours and will present a tastefully selected range of nearly all kinds of electronic music.

Also he`s supposed to finish some tracks for Dynamix & Müller Records, but that`s actually a question of time - so let`s wait & see what comes up in the future.

And the list goes on.. - but to drop everything will take to much time - so..!