info : 06/2002



Glen Gunner started life as a DJ in 1984 at various illegal Warehouse parties around London, playing a wide range of musical styles including Funk, Disco, Rap, Electro, Jazz and Reggae. His first residency began in 8'5 at the Electric Ballroom in Camden Town, adding House music to the mix in '86.

In '89 Glen played alongside Alfredo at Amnesia in Ibiza. Then returned to London to start a new residency at The Brain club in Soho, which took him on a tour of Brazil and Iceland.

He was invited back to Ibiza in the summer of 1990, starting a residency at the Cafe Del Mar (the first English DJ to play there) and all the major clubs, including Ku, Pacha and Summons. Then back to London for new residencies for Flying at the Soho Theatre Club and the Gardening Club in Covent Garden.

The next few years were spent on the road playing at the best nights across England including The Blue Note, Back to Basics, Venus etc. And around the world (New York, Barcelona, Paris, Berlin, Athens, Geneva, Finland,
Denmark, Norway, Italy, Portugal, Belgium etc.)

Glen also produces music under the names Block 16 and Street Corner Symphony. After releasing two critically acclaimed singles for the Ministry of Sound's Open label (Street Corner Symphony & Symphony for the Devil) he then started his own label Street Corner Records, releasing three singles (Symphomaniac, Symphonic Tonic, The Fifth Symphony) and an album (No Running, No Bombing, No Petting). The last album project, called Morning Sun was released on Nuphonic records under the name Block 16 and featured guest vocalists Robert Owens, Jon Lucien, Jhelisa and Bim Sherman.