info : 05/2001



Having begun his DJ career in 1991 simply as a way to justify his insoluble (and expensive) appetite for rare and unusual vinyl, Karl has carved himself a "rare groove" on the face of Atlanta’s emergin music culture. He has been involved in the lounging and foundation of a number of the city’s more forward-thinking venues. His consulting company, SOUNDATION, has placed its particular sound into some of Atlanta’s finest restaurants and lounges. His production and design work can heard and seen on the CLAIRAUDIENCE and PRESCRIPTION Imprints, as TAURUS, INNER EXPERIENCE and SAMBARA, along with compilation credits for Chicago- based GUIDANCE RECORDINGS. His fascination with all the variation of Soul- based music, i. e. African, Brazilian, West- Indian, et al., has led him to many distance locals in search of the best music the world has to offer. An obsession with the discovery new sounds is matched only by the desire to share them with an enthusiastic audience. Programming the deepest dance music available, disregarding conventional genres, is what Karl Injex does best. And a side from finding a sealed copy Ramsey Lewis' FUNKY SERENITY, it’s the closest thing to heaven he could ask for.

DJ Kemit, DJ Injex

The emergence of the "DJ as musican" is nothing new (it started in the 1940 in Jamaika), but recent search of popularity and respect has led more and more Atlantans to grasp the concept. DJs use their turntables as instruments and perform varying degrees of skill, manipulation beats and lyrics to present uninhibited musical styles. Of Atlantas wealth of skilled DJs, to make up the cream of the crop. The ubiquitous DJ Kemit (Yin Yang, Kaya, Funk Jazz Kafe and Chocolate Soul MusicFest) is everywhere, and a party’s always a success when Kemit’s on the wheels of steel with his vast collection of house, hip hop, soul and R&B. And DJ Injex (Kaya, Nomenclature Museum and Yin Yang), one of the few trendsetters in town, has carefully planted the seeds that set the pace for Atlantas new club ventures, and he waters its roots every time he buys a new record. One of the first to spin and popularise acid jazz, electronic, Latin swing and deep house in Atlanta, Injex continues his quest to keep the city on the pulse of universal dance club sounds.