info : 04/2005


There were three people in the beginning who brought me into funk and hiphop. Most importantly was my brother Florian. He was listening to all the dope hiphop acts like Jungle Brothers, Brand Nubian, Cypress Hill, and older stuff like Grandmaster Flash, Spoonie Gee, as well as funk artists like James Brown and Kool and the Gang, to name only a few. After listening constantly to his records (and CDs!) I found myself totally into these sounds.

The second guy who put me in the right direction toward funk was Fritz Egner. Fritz had a weekly radio show in the early '90s called "Black Friday."It was broadcast on Bayern three, a radio station under public law! Playing mostly standard soul and funk tunes, sometimes I heard those so-called "Rare Groove" tracks. I remember exactly when he said: "There is a new compilation out there called The Sound of Funk, Vol. 1." The song he played from it was no other than Leroy and the Driver's "Sad Chicken." I was like..."Damn, what the f**k is this!? I must get this compilation." I bought it only a few days later. Immediately after getting it home, I was hooked to the Rare Groove sound. I couldn't believe there were so many good tracks on one LP. Damn! Over the next three years, I bought every compilation released; Sound of Funk, Luv 'N' Haight, Soul Patrol; not forgetting all the bootleg comps, too.

Last but not least, the other guys, who I think you can imagine since not yet have I mentioned their names, that are responsible for my taste in the music: Florian Keller, Jan Weisenfeldt, and the Poets of Rhythm. I first saw Flo and Jan spinning funk/hiphop at one of their former club nights Breakdown/Funk Squad. From that time on we became close friends, and couldn't do other than start collecting funk 45s, too. That was back in 1996. Of course, all of these people have influenced me regarding the style and quality of how good funk should sound. I remember well when I bought The Meters' "People Say" 7" for 12 Deutsch Marks (about $6.) After leaving the shop with the 45 in my hands, I kept thinking how crazy I was to buy a 7" single for 12 Marks! Funny, aint it? And that was only the beginning...

Most of my knowledge regarding soul/funk, 45s/LPs, came from the compilations. You can imagine that that became costly, but now, several years later, I am very happy that it happened like that.

I am running my own monthly club night here in munich called soul popcorn, beside that I spin in several bars/clubs in germany, the uk, austria, switzerland etc. My musical interests have developed over the years so that now I am also collecting nu jazz, triphop, breakbeats, drum 'n' bass, etc., and am also producing. Beside that I founded tramp records in late 2003. so far we have released four 45 releases, including two reissue 45s. Further on I brought out my first compilation called "movements" which features 14 deep funk pearls, out january 2005. Keep watching for updates in the future!