info : 09/2001

foto: landslide

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Hospital have been bringing out some top tunes of late, and this is no exception. 'Down Down' is a Reprazent style tune with added funk, but have I lost the plot or something, because the flipside is a gem. Brazilian Bossa beats in a style of their own but, how fast? I'll have to exchange my good old Technics for some of those of Vestax's if I want to mix this.

Drum+bass in that Hospital trademark style; funky and melodic, well produced and with a splash of vocals. Flip over for a head spinner. Imagine Pele playing beach football on acid and you'll be remotely warm!
"Drum + Bossa"nhs23lp

It's a cool excursion through the break in it's many guises, be it bossa, latin, funk etcS&Mac255;.very flavoursome.


This album stretched the rules and sidesteps genres. Hot.

Plenty of percussive and vocal fusions to appeal to beatfreaks everywhere.

A doctor couldn't order better.
"Incurable Voices" / "Muted Voices" nhs24

Imagine Stanton Warriors, True Steppaz and Gilles Peterson locked in a studio and this could be the finished result.

What's all this then? Incurable voices? Hospitals? Are they takin' a pop, these Landslide geezers? Don't they know schizophrenia isn't a laughing matter ? Just by dressing it all up as a peachily constructed breaks tune with lovely Jazz flexes and cutesy vocal samples, do they think they can get away with taking the piss out of paranoid folk? Well, do they? Well they can't, even if the flip side has even more ivory tinkling and windswept atmospherics. And stop looking at me like that.

With a little jazz funk pride in his stride, Mr Landslide drops a weird jolting groove that should find favour with fans of the "West LondonSound".

Incurable Voices is a lush hybrid of jazz and breakbeat which manages to strike that rare balance between sweet musicality and raw energy.

LANDSLIDE drops a very uptempo vibrant thang. This track seems to cook 2-step garage with drum and bass b-lines. Fast footwork dancing shall accompany this to the discotech floors.
Round The Corner - Landslide remixes nhs31
LANDSLIDE turns in a genre busting mix. Jazz, breakbeat, drum + bass and funk all go into the melting pot. It's a bit like MJ Cole and Dee-Kline deciding to make an acid jazz track. And that's only the half of it.


Landslide - Tim Land - was raised south of the river in Charlton. Tim grew up with his drum kit and spent his early years as a musician playing studio sessions, and providing the rhythms for two West London, abstract-guitar bands. A chance meeting through mutual friends, led to engineering duties at the Hospital studio in 1997.
Spotting his unique skill and fresh approach to music-making, the London Elektricity boys signed him up to nurture the Landslide talent, and he was duly kitted up in his Acton flat, and left to his own devices. During 1998 and 1999, Tim contributed some deft drum kit action, and his programming and production skills to 2 tracks on the London Elektricity album "Pull The Plug".
His first Hospital 12, "Buddah"/"Drum & Bossa", cut it with a host of deejays from Frost, Fabio, Blame and Aquasky, to Cut La Roc, Gilles Peterson, Jazzanova and The Trüby Trio. The double A side posed funky drum&bass against roughneck Brasilian breaks - a taste of the Jekyll&Hyde attitude simmering in the studio. He decided to follow his nose, and delved deeper into this hybrid of breakbeat and brazil, culminating in the debut album, "Drum+Bossa". His mix of breakbeat-pitchshifting swung from 2-step jazz to off-beat house, vocal acoustics to bossa breaks. Featured artists include Karime Kendra (Sirkus/Scenario), Victor Davies (People), and London Elektricity. Deeply rich and full of latin soul.
Off the back of his album, a sneaky 10-inch release of "Incurable Voices/Muted Voices" got the streets of London and Berlin buzzing; from Jazzanova to Tom Middleton, DJ Dee Kline to Mr Scruff, people have gone mad for the breakbeat-jazz licks of Landslide. Since then his mixes of London Elektricity's "Round The Corner" have been kicking up a storm, seeing a release on EZ's Pure Garage 4, and his forthcoming tracks continue to get props from folk like Zed Bias, Bugz In The Attic and Tuff Jam. He has turned out mixes for Soulstice, Shurikan, and Karime Kendra, whilst getting commissions for Fertile Ground & Gush.
The live Landslide set will hit the main stage at this year's Big Chill Festival, before a tour of Germany and the summer festivals, and suffice to say that album number two is under way.

Very chips with mayonnaise, it shouldnt work but it does.