info : 06/2005

Shortlist of important club work:

- Cocoon Club - Frankfurt am Main
- Tronic Treatment - New York City/USA
- Weetamix - Geneva / Switzerland
- Ultraschall - Munich
- Liberty One - Stuttgart
- Gigolo Records @ Villa Traunstein
- Winter Music Conference - Miami/USA
- Redlight Music @ The Phoenix Landing - Boston/USA
- Liquid Room - Singapore/Singapore
- Casablanca - Celje/Slovenia
- Mad Dog - Glasgow/Scotland
- No Data - Bilbao/Spain
- Sunday Night Mass - Burlington/USA


Markus Mehta & Stephan Riedel:
 “Soul Education EP” Sector 616/Black Nation Recordings
“Absorbed In Thought” Exun Recordings
“Tuning Spork Loop Project 2” Tuning Spork
“Overseas” Circle Recordings
“Obesessions” tba

Markus Mehta & Maxx Cavalerra:
 “Tuning Spork Loop Project 1” Tuning Spork


Electronic Soul, Exun Records, Circle Recordings

Markus Mehta was born and raised in Munich Germany. At a very early age it became clear to him that music would play a major role in his life. Markus says, “I knew I wanted to be a DJ since the age of 12; I admired the powerful effect music can have on people. Of course I had a burning desire to share music that I loved with complete strangers, which I still do today!”

After almost a decade in electronic music Markus can look back on a long list of clubs and events around the globe where he has had the opportunity to perform alongside some of the world`s best talent. Markus’ vision has always been to present the party people with an eclectic musical selection; something different from the drab and mundane. His sets are touching and powerful at the same time, with a nasty injection of sex and funk. He has done a great amount of quality event and club work throughout Europe, Asia, and North-America, and is currently scheduling a DJ tour with Circle recordings.

Besides his international DJ schedule, a major priority of Markus’ has been the production of original material. In 2003 he had a worldwide success with the Exun Recordings release, “Absorbed In Thought,” recorded together with studio partner Stephan Riedel. This record received heavy rotation in sets from Laurent Garnier, Rolando, and the London Swag crew.

In August 2004 “Overseas” was released on Munich’s Circle Recordings, and includes astonishing remixes by Paul Brtschitsch and Shalako. The record is getting great feedback from djs and music press all over the globe. In early 2005 we are looking forward to a new release from Markus and Stephan; “Obsessions.”

Always pushing forward, Markus Mehta has teamed up with friend Daniel Schaefer on a new project: the media and event promotion cooperative, Electronic Soul. The company’s modus operandi has been promoting special events and handling bookings for a variety of globally established djs as well as fresh Munich talent. Electronic Soul is also establishing itself as a service bureau for other sorts of concept design and music industry consulting.