info : 09/2004


Mia Legenstein
- born 1979 in Upper Austria
- DJ, Songwriter, Singer
- based in Vienna
- minimal tunes, funky breaks, phat beats, sexy groove

Mia Legenstein. Moments you should know about

  • Mia was classically trained in flute at the music school.
  • Mia was drummer in a band
  • is writing poems since she is a small girl
  • threw parties - first at her parents farmhouse - then at some locations in Steyr f.ex. a festival "Move'Ya" at Röd@
  • Mia wrote für a party zine during the time of the legendary club Meierei
  • started to play records in public when she was doing model jobs in Greece
  • since 2 years Mia works in different record shops in Vienna and has an increasing amount of DJ-Gigs at different venues: * Flex/Vienna, * Villa Claudia/Feldkirch * Rikon/CH *WUK/Vienna *Deli/Vienna *Schauspielhaus/Vienna * Rhiz/Vienna *Ramien/Vienna *Museumsquartier/Vienna etc.
  • has a residence at Ramien/Vienna since Sept. 2004
  • Mia gets classical training in singing, harmony and piano
  • Mia is great at setting atmosphere so she does a lot of sounddesign outside of clubs too.
  • Mia did sounddesign for fashionsshows of KM/A, G.R. Style, Realitée, Edith Agay etc.
  • loves a ridiculous bassline and melancholic melody lines.

"Music brings me back to what I really am. This joy I wanna give to the dancing crowd 'cause I like to see people enjoying themselves."