info : 11/2003



Peshay - Productions
Return Of Baby Kane EP (Ruff Guidance)
Port Of Doom (Ruff Guidance)
2 Dope EP (w/Bizzy B) - All Crew Hold Tight/Come Down/Merder Style/Itch It Up Mi Selector (Brain: Dope11)
Protege EP - The Warning/Dreams/Gangster/On The Firm (Rivet 1248)
Jungle Book LP - Gangsta (Reinforced: RivertLP006)
Enforcers 7 - Gangsta II (Remix) (Reinforced: Rivet 1260)
19.5/Reprisal (w/LTJ Bukem) (Good Looking: GLR008)
Beyond The Future - Feel It/Mystery Ride (Paradise 3)
Piano/Vocal Tune (Good Looking: GLR011)
Psychosis/Reprezent (Metalheadz: MET002)
Catch It (ADR010)
World Of Music (InfraRed 003)
Futurama/Endless Thoughts (Basement: BRSS 42)
On The War Path/Latin Jungle (Street Beats 3)
Secrets Vol. 1 - Time Travel/Sun Rise (Street Beats 5)
Secrets Vol. 2 - My Fantasy/is It A Dream (Street Beats 6)
The Real Thing (Mo Wax/Headz 2)
The Nocturnal (Metalheadz/Platnium Breaks)
Predator/On The Nile (Metalheadz: METH026)
Tayla Presents Soul Survivors - Jazz Lick/Music(Rework) (CD 2 - NexusCD001)
Miles From Home/Underdog rmx (Mo Wax 092)
Amazon/Vegas (Planet V Compilation: VLP02)
Fight Them (SCAM 2)
Special Forces E.P. - Juice/Road to San Marino (Photek Productions)
5th Assasin (Peshay) - Perimeters/Interface (Hard Leaders HLLP10)
Capone vs. Peshay - I Need You/2 On 1 (Hard Leaders 50)
Listen Up LP - Just A Feeling(Vinyl)/I Need You(CD) (Hard Leaders LP)
You Got Me Burning / Fuzion (CUBIK001)
... and some more...


Miles From Home (Island BLUE / Island / Universal), 1999

Miles From Home Pt. 2 (Japanese Import CD: 14011/2), 1999

Fuzion (Cubikmusic Productions), 2002

Peshay Remixing Credits

Goldie - Angel (FFRR: FX266)
Goldie - Inner City Life (FFRR: FX267)
Goldie - Jah(VIP Rollers Mix) (Razors Edge: Razors 002)
The Rood Project - Thunder (Ariel Assult Remix) (Basement: BRSS046 & Whitehosue: WHYS026A)
Pressure Rise - Bamboo Lounge (Aspect: ASP001)
Jaydee - Plastic Dreams Revisited (R&S: RS97125X)
Ruby - Salt Water Fish (Creation: CTP166A)
Galliano - Freefall (Talkin' Loud)
Solo feat. J.T. - Pressure (Mo Wax: MWEX009)
Project 23 - Pleasure and The Pain (Dorado: DOR 050)
Decoder - Circuit Breaker (Tech Itch Decoded EP: TI16)
Innzerzone Orchestra - Bug In The Bassbin (Mo Wax: MW049X)
Ingrid Schroeder - Paint You Blue (Warner: SAM 1780)
Rob Dugan - Clubbed To Death (Mo' Wax)
LTJ Bukem - Music (Rework)/Jazz Lick (Nexus: NEXUS002)
Ragga & The Jack Magic Orchestra - Shot (EMI: 12EM456)
Indo Aminata - Leo Leo (Milano 2000?)
DJ Shadow - What Does Your Soul Look Like (Mo Wax: MW087)
Sugizo - Replicant Driver (Invader)
Courtney Pine - Tryin Times (Talkin Loud: TLX30)
Photek - Rings Around Saturn (W/Decoder) (Science)
Cloud Nine - Living In The Ghetto (Labello Blanco)
Adam F - Dirty Harry (W/Decoder) (F-Jams: 12FDJ004)
Roger Johnson - In My Soul/Gangster/In The Light (2000AD2)
A Forest Mighty Black - Tides (w/Flytronix) (Compost 29)
Silent Poets - Don't Break The Silence (Idyllic: TFJC-38218)
Revelations w/Tyrone Henry - In The Mood(a.k.a Wind Parade) (Purify My Heart Mix) (High Karate - Mutant Sound System US)
Carlito - Heaven (Creative Source: 022)
DJ Die - Autumn (Planet V - The Remixes 1: VELP02RMX1)
John Coltrane - Like Sonny (Universal Jazz)
Truly Remix - W/Flytronix (Blue 12PFA1)
Underwolves - So Black I'ts Blue (P vs. P rmx) (Island Blue PFAX 005)
United Future Organization - Tres Amigos (Talkin' Loud)
Towa Tei - Butterfly (WEA)
Sugizo - Brilliant Europa (Invader)
A-Sides - Wake Up 2000 (East Side 36)
Dark Star - Graceadelica (White Label/12DARKDJ 002)
Innercity – Big Fun (Pias)
... and some more ...


update 11/2003:

2003 war für Peshay ein intensives Jahr in seinem neuen Studio. Neben dem Deejaying hat er eine Menge neuer Musik gemacht, von der eine Auswahl auf seinem nächsten Album im Frühjahr 2004 erscheinen wird. Es gibt also viele unveröffentlichte Tunes zu hören, von denen Peshay bislang nur einige Stücke seinen Kollegen Grooverider und Fabio zum spielen gegeben hat. Vor allem mit den Stücken "Jammin", einem Calypso-style Tune, es ist DER Nottinghill Carnival Hit diesen Herbstes, und "Move Your Body" einem endlos groovenden Roller mit Marshall-Jefferson-Sample ist Peshay mal wieder on Top.

- - - - -

bio 11/2002:

Peshay's rise through the drum'n'bass scene has been nothing short of meteoric. Respected worldwide for his releases on labels such as Metalheadz, Good Looking, Mo Wax and Island to name but a few.

His ability to DJ and produce at the highest levels have won him praise and admiration from anyone fortunate enough to have heard one of his many classic releases or see him perform behind a set of decks. His excellence behind the decks is legendary.

When he DJs, 4 minute mixes are the norm and the excitement that he generates describe Peshay perfectly. Always on the go, hyperactive, talkative and passionate. Above all a very talented guy.

Whilst growing up Peshay found himself listening to an assortment of music ranging from opera to electro. His obsession with the new house scene developing in the early 80's made him decide that as far as making a living was concerned this was the path he wished to follow.

Peshay was made redundant in 1990, so he decided to concentrate full time on his musical career. He bought a pair of Technics and started sending tapes out to promoters which led to his first break at Raveworld in April 92. He also went on to play for Genesis @ Rollers Express, Fascination @ Tasco Warehouse and both Dreamscape & Fantazia. Within a short period of time his DJ'ing ability helped him to secure regular bookings all over the world.

Peshays first recordings came about after hooking up with the infamous Baby Kane and the Rough Guidance EP was made and then BIZZY B with the "2 DOPE EP". Both smashed the rave scene in 1992. As well as hooking up with DAVE CHARLESWORTH at ADR and the "CATCH IT" track was released.

Meeting Goldie one evening led to Peshay meeting Dego and Gus at REINFORCED. This led to the "PROTÉGÉ EP" that first brought Peshay into the spotlight. The EP smashed it and this led to an increase in Peshays DJ work.

At a Dreamscape event in 1992 LTJ Bukem introduced himself to Peshay it was this meeting that eventually led to a joint collaboration which produced "19.5" and Peshays first solo outings, the awesome PIANO & VOCAL TUNES, now all acclaimed classics for the GOOD LOOKING imprint.

Then due to his illness Peshay was unable to DJ or produce for nearly three years. His comeback session at Metalheadz bluenote club is still talked about today. It wasn't long before Peshay had re-established himself both behind the decks and in the recording studio.

After a couple of projects for BASEMENT RECORDS which include FUTURAMA and ROLL THE BEATS Peshay produced "PSYCHOSIS", "PREDATOR", "ON THE NILE" and "NOCTURAL" as well as a host of remixes for METALHEADZ. Peshay also contributed to the acclaimed "LOGICAL PROGRESSION" and "PLATINUM BREAKS" albums with FFRR as well as being chosen to remix both releases from the acclaimed album "TIMELESS" by GOLDIE, as well as stinging remixes of LTJ Bukem's "MUSIC" and Galliano's "FREEFALL".

Peshay was signed by James Lavelle for MO WAX in late 1995. Peshay then locked himself away in the studio for almost a year until he had finished his debut album. Suddenly everything came to a grinding halt. As merger mania in the record industry came rumbling into Peshays life. By the end of 1998 Peshay finally found himself at ISLAND RECORDS. The critically acclaimed album "Miles from Home" released on Island Blue Records, a subsiduary of Island Records.

Peshays remix credits include artists such as GALLIANO, JAYDEE, JOHN COLTRANE, PHOTEK, CARL CRAIG, GOLDIE, INGRID SCHROEDER, LTJ BUKEM and COURTNEY PINE to name but a few. Always choosing to remix tunes he personally likes has produced an impressive catalogue of quality dance tracks.

The success of his last album 'MILES FROM HOME' released on Island Records in 1999, saw his talent recognised across the globe. Peshay gained the type of publicity that only a select few of the Drum and Bass fraternity had gained before, including being on the front page of the Irish Times, getting rave reviews in both Australia and the U.S.A. and being idolised in Japanese journals.

He also gained wide acclaim at home in the U.K. with MUZIK, MIXMAG, DJ, MINISTRY and FRONT, as they all voted MILES FROM HOME album of the month. There were also further amazing reviews from THE FACE, KNOWLEDGE, THE SUNDAY TIMES, STRAIGHT NO CHASER, NME, HEAT, TIME OUT, GQ & ESQUIRE, and as a crowning achievement DJ MAGAZINE placed the album in its top four albums of 1999.

Peshay's new album, 'Fuzion', is varied and bursting with character. It will be released in mid augst 2002. There are ten tracks on the album in total, each with their own individual style and familarity which help combine to make every single track on the album a joy to listen to. The sheer diversity on FUZION is unparalleled. In short, there's something on this album for everyone.

Some of the tracks contain a high paced energy, making them the type of thing you'd love to hear loud on a nightclub dance floor, whilst others are set at a slower pace containing enticing female vocals to give a more soulful sassy feel to them, typically being the type of tune you'd enjoy hearing in the middle of a hot lazy summer's afternoon. Overall, FUZION takes on influences from funk, disco, soul & house and fuzes them together in drum & bass style to create the unique blend of sounds which best describe both Peshay and this album.

The response from the tracks on Fuzion have been overwhelming, both in the media and from within the Drum & Bass scene itself. With Mixmag, Ministry, Muzik & Jockey Slut, DJ, Knowledge all selecting both the single 'You Got Me Burning' and the album 'Fuzion' as their review of the month. When Radio 1 producers were sent copies of the single it was soon heard on morning radio shows by Sarah Cox, Jo Whiley & Cris Moyles, through to evening sessions by Pete Tong, Mary Ann Hobbs, Giles Peterson and of course Fabio & Grooverider. At this point it didn't take long before Dave Pierce selected it as his overall single of the week on his peak hour drive-time show on Radio 1, listened to by millions of viewers each week night.

Having collected the 'Best Drum & Bass DJ 2001' at the prestigious Ibiza club, Pacha (alongside other key industry players such as Roger Sanchez, David Morales and Carl Cox) Peshay is definitely hot on people's minds as they eagerly await his next move...