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Jason Spanu has been involved in almost every aspect of music production since the early '90s - working with numerous Toronto based musicians and bands as well as playing at many clubs, concerts and raves as an accomplished DJ and performance artist under the alter ego 'DJ SHINE'.

As a live performer, Shine blurs the distinction between DJ/Producer, spinning flawless techno and house on three turntables alongside his samplers. He has blown minds at raves and clubs throughout Canada, and has also performed in New York, Texas and Florida.

In 1994 he teamed up with Keram Malicki-Sanchez and Josh Joudrie's band Automated Gardens, and released two albums on Constant Change. The band toured Toronto's club and rave scene extensively for two years, then took a breather as each member pursued different aspects of their musical interests.

In 1997 Jason joined forces with the band Auracle and released music through Hamilton based Switch Recordings, as well as several of his own songs.

In 1998, Jason moved on to produce several tracks at nice+smooth studios for Kinder Atom; working on the bands third full length release, "Mmm" as well as a unique collaboration between the band and Grammy Award winner and former vocalist for Black Uhuru, Michael Rose. Jason also co-produced a sweet drum and bass track for the Metro Breaks '99 compilation with DJ Freedom called 'Pineangel'.

2000 saw Shine's first remix work put to vinyl on the hit nice+smooth 12 inch "Ladies" (Directions Soft Mix), a groovy laid back house flavour that broke big in New York and various cities in Germany.

2001 saw him release his first 12" with prolific producer Stephane Teknostep Vera on the "First Snow/Hope" (nice 0006) single, both of which appear on his debut CD "Thinque" (nice0007). These tracks charted across North America + Europe, gaining attention from top DJ's such as Roy Davis Jr. from Chicago, DJ Garth in San Francisco, and Claus Bachor in Cologne Germany.

2002 starts off with a bang for Shine as the follow up Shine Vs. Teknostep 12" hits stores in late January. "Flip-Flops" (nice 0008) is a fresh, tweaky, jazzy, funky little deep-house groove, while the flipside features the straight-ahead floor-filler remix of "Stressed Out", a track from the "Thinque" cd. Switching it up on track 2 of the b-side is a somber downtempo piano track by Shine entitled "September Day."

Jason recently completed a series of live shows in Toronto and Montreal to celebrate the new discs, as well as television appearances spinning on Muchmusic's 'Electric Circus' and on the MusiquePlus dance show "Bouge!".

He is currently recording 3 songs a day, teaching dj+midi classes, and gearing up for his first gigs in Europe.

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is the alias of prolific session player, producer, DJ & remixer STÉPHANE VERA. A versatile musician, he is a former Royal Conservatory of Music teacher, and plays keyboard, drums, percussion, bass and alto saxophone. Born in Geneva, Stéphane has lived in New York, Montreal and Ottawa, and is currently based in Toronto, with passports from both France and Canada.
After many months of production, his debut full-length CD , 'MUSIC FOR SHORT ATTENTION SPANS' is about to hit stores in May, 2002. After recording and appearing on nearly forty singles and compilations, including releases on seminal U.S. house labels UNDAGROUND THERAPY, JOURNEES & DUST TRAXX, it seemed appropriate that Stéphane would collect some of his best works for this debut.

"Music For Short Attention Spans" is an extremely diverse album, loaded with solid beats, sweet melodies, and jazzy hooks. Stéphane takes a swing at many styles, from the 4-on-the-floor Chicago groove of "Feeling", to the deep Naked-esque "NextUne" featuring vocals from local singer SKYLA J, to the classic electro sounds of "Solid St8 (Electrohohm)". A vinyl e.p. featuring these 3 tracks is being released simultaneously with the CD, to be distributed internationally through STICKMAN RECORDS, bringing his music to dancefloors around the world.

As a remixer, Stéphane shifts the energy of the original compositions to the dancefloor, as demonstrated on reworked tracks for D'ANGELO, JORDAN FIELDS, ROY DAVIS JR. MIGUEL GRAÇA and others. On "Music For Short Attention Spans", two of his remixes of other artists are featured, including nice+smooth recording artist DJ SHINE's track "Stressed Out", as well as Chair recording artist DANIEL LUI's track "Big Smoke Nights II".

Stéphane is perhaps best-known in the music scene as the keyboardist for Chicago House music legend ROY DAVIS JR., having appeared on his records since 1996. As a session musician, Stéphane has collaborated in the studio with a huge list of artists, including Abacus (Guidance), Algorithm (Revolver), Brian Harden (Peacefrog), Capital Sound (Numuzik), DJ Shine (nice + smooth), Hollis P. Munroe (Ovum), Ivana Santilli (EMI), Luc Raymond (Tag), Mark Luvdup (Euphoric), Martin Villeneuve (Yoshitoshi), Max Graham (Hope), Miguel Graça (Strictly Rhythm), Prototype 909 (Caipirinha), Prozzak (Sony), Rumble (Island), Sheldon Thompson (Revolver), Sunkissed (Nordic Trax), TGM/The Green Man (Basswerk/Combination), Trevor Walker (Bombay), and many others.

As far as musical influences, Stéphane credits the following in the liner notes to his CD; "Andreas Vollenweider, Aphex Twin, Art of Noise, Boards of Canada, Brian Transeau, Cari Lekebusch, Chick Corea Elektric Band, Ian O'Brien, Inner City, Jamiroquai, Jazzanova, Jean-Michel Jarre, Jesper Dahlbak, Kraftwerk, Level 42, Luke Vibert, Paul Hardcastle, Spacetime Continuum, Stevie Wonder." Now that's an open mind.

Currently gearing up to play a few live shows to launch his CD, Stéphane mixes his time between teaching music, composing for film+tv, performing with his live-house super-group GALACTICA BLAST, and changing diapers.

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