info : 11/2005


Lives in Vienna since 1991 and DJs regularly in most of the top spots in and around Vienna. Slack Hippy is resident DJ for the Friday night Electronic Music Radio show La Boum De Luxe on FM4 and is Co-Host (Together with D.Kay) and founder of the Monthly Breakbeat show "The Dogs Bollocks" on FM4.
He has played all over Austria in the past 15 years and has built up a reputation as a technically fine skilled DJ with many musical surprises in his record box. He is always ready for a good party and has a good instinct for pleasing the music hungry crowds.
Internationally Slack Hippy has also made a name for himself and is a regular guest in Poland and Germany with DJ appearances also in Croatia, Slovenia,Bosnia&Herzogovinia, Czech ,Slovakia, Hungary, Lithuania, Switzerland and Spain.
Upcoming DJing events are planned for Siberia, Poland, Kalingrad, Lithuania, Germany and his first ever DJing appearance at the Wiener Life Ball is an event not to be missed.