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Werner Geier, Mitarbeiter ORF / Hörfunk H7 (Jugend, Gesellschaft & Familie). Redakteur bei Musicbox & Diagonal, ab 1989 Chefredakteur "Musicbox" gemeinsam mit Fritz Ostermayer. Seit 1995 Chef vom Dienst bei FM4. Publikationen in "Der Standard", "Die Presse", "Profil", versch. Kunstzeitschriften, div. Buchbeiträge. Ausstellungs und Kuratorentätigkeit für die Wr. Festwochen und den Steirischen Herbst.
Schwerpunktthemen : Musik, Poptheorie, Kultur & Zeitgeschichte des 20. Jht's.
Freiberuflich als DJ und Musikproduzent tätig. Gemeinsam mit Rodney Hunter Gründung der Plattenfirma "Uptight". Die erste gemeinsame Arbeit, den Remix der Hip Hop Finger Single "Boundaries" wählen Österreichs Musikjournalisten 1993 zur Single des Jahres, die Produktion "Song for the Geese" für den Jazzmusiker Mark Murphy auf Uptight rec./RCA wird 1998 für den  Grammy nominiert.  Als Producer unter Vertrag bei Natural Response London, dem Label der Stereo MC's. Auftragsarbeiten in New York, Paris, London.
Lebt z. Zt. in Wien.

Nothing here is the future.

Maybe it's the catholic upbringing, our melancholic strain. Or is it our love for the "big sentiment" and a certain social awareness that puts us out of sync with the prophetic pretensions of today's digital music scene.
Gettin' to grips with reality, we think, is science fiction enough.
The basic idea is funk, with hip hop at its very core.
It was the Zen-Quality of bare-stripped East Coast beats that got us trippin'. Loops revolve like mantras, analogue and digital inputs are blurred, the western regime of harmony overruled. This stuff sounded the same in ´89 as it does in '98. To us, such areas are perfect hangouts, hype-free zones, where memory and things yet to happen blend into one.  
Brand new, we're retro.
Innovation? Yes, but only if it can't be avoided.  
Having had a minor "hit" with our first ever production, Leena Conquest's "Boundaries" in 1994, we soon got caught between contracts, false promises and our own demands. No big deal, we just chilled, nothing had to be rushed anyway. We kept on dj-ing in the backrooms of popularity, remixed the tunes of people who were still buzzin on the raw funk vibe of "Boundaries" and helped out friends with their productions. Basically, that's how Uptight, the label was started.
Fellow troublemaker Samir was recruited as the team's historian, soon after he began diggin' up celestial tunes from the dusty basements of Austria's newer, widely unknown music history.   
Uptight commissioned Tricky's first remix, connected with likeminded beatheads The Stereo MCs, Shantel and the Essay Clique of Frankfurt, or Washington DC's Thievery Corporation. Back in Vienna we carried on hangin' out with the usual suspects from G-Stone, Cheap or the Mego Posse. Zigzaggin' between seperated tribes, we tried to be smooth catalysts. Silly projects were launched such as remixin´ the crusty bluesrock of Mama Oliver while startin' major operations such as reactivating legendary jazz vocalist Mark Murphy (whose Uptight album, by the way, went on to be nominated for a "grammy").
But to this day, Uptight has remained a hobbyist thing, a two-headed household enjoying a good smoke every now and then. Combined with the local mindset, things move like they are moulded in aspic. Even the recent hype about Vienna as the capital of a new breed of "electronica" didn't make a change either. On the contrary it helped to refine an attitude of almost subversive slowness that makes industry scouts freak out. Meanwhile, we're only smiling.
Maybe we should have spent more time in the studio rather than hang out with our girlfriends.  
Possibly, maybe, we're going to get started tomorrow.

Uptight is non-toxic and soluble in water, is operated by Werner Geier & Rodney  Hunter, supported by Samir Köck, photographed by Titz & Komenda, wrapped by OKA.lab, distributed by Soul Seduction and may be reached at Corneliusgasse 7/6 1060 Vienna, Austria t+431 5810206 f +431 5810209, e-mail :

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