review: broken beats

Kahil El Zabar and Kemit Sources - Our Time Is Now

Chicago Jazz Legend, Kahil El’Zabar, a versatile musician, also member of the Ethnic Heritage Ensemble and The Ritual Trio was born in 1953 and performed with Dizzy Gillespie or Stevie Wonder...

Home at Deeper Soul Records he is responsible for a new release called “Our Time is Now” which was a coop with France’s Kemit Sources. The 12” comes along with two tracks, original and remix. The original version seems to be a deephouse-track containing ethnic, melancholic singing and speaking vocals. Increasing more and more it ends up in solo vocals, turning into choir singing with heavy bass elements and synthie melodics, heavy!
The broken-boogie-style remix is done by IG Culture, utilizing only the vocal part. Thick bassline combined with offbeat basic structure and warm organ and synth elements he gives the original track a complete new face. The result is a nearly 9 minute primetime tribal percussive monster, sick! Release date: may 9th 2005 worldwide! @ Deeper Soul Recordings.

03.05.2005 / Matthias Desch / mail

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