review: broken beats

Blakai - Afro Space - Schtum

Afrospace is the first release on the new Mark Force label Schtum, which is another sublabel under the huge umbrella of Goya.

The main mix from Blakai, consisting of Mark Force (Bugz/Reinforced) and Kaidi Tatham (Bugz/Herbalizer), comes with a brazil kinda rhythm section, a breeze of vibrating Rhodes, a massive-grooving, forward pushing accustic bassline and most important: the fantastic voice of the broken-beat princess Bembe Segue (already known from names like Mustang, Sleepwalker,...); really havenīt seen a broken-beat-bomb steppin on it and rocking even the bartenders that much for a long time :). The flipside provides 2 mixes (one of them the instrumental version) by another bug known as Thy Lord. As he changes a few things like the bassline, particulary the drums, adds a even more kicking bassdrum and some deep chords, Afrospace gets a deep touch and a whole new character. Im definitely looking forward to new Schtum releases and especially the Blakai album coming up on September.

09.05.2005 / Edgar Strobl / mail

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