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Chateau Flight - Celestial Showers - Versatile

Chateau Flight is a collaboration between the two Djs/producers Gilb’R and I:Cube. With the Celestial Showers 12” they continue their history of creative quality music on the French Versatile record label.

It features 4 tracks including a Tschok remix of the stunning “Down at the rotisserie”-track which is also part of their latest album “the meal”.
The remix is , as well as the original, huge in the fields of pressure, beats and flow especially with regards to the hip-hop community. Tschok twists the original bass-melody into a less funky, however, kind of dark, progressive monster with mind-blowing characteristics. The beats are cut up but forward drifting accompanied by easy-going finger clips. The original vocals remain almost untreated but are repeated again, so the tune in general became longer, lucky for the untrained Djs or beginners, who have now enough time for adjusting the next tune;-) Anyhow, I tell you this flow can’t be and must not be changed! “Celestial Showers” is a more psychedelic excursion in deep electronic spaces. Starting very minimalistic with the beat and a discreet, wide synth-chord, the track builds up slowly with high tension. Underneath the bass drum there is a fat dubby sub-bass pushing steadily ahead on the 4/4 house beat. The instrumental version distinguishes with less psychedelic synthie-storms and is reduced on a slightly snippet beat. The last tune on the record is called “1973” featuring Shawn Lee on vocals and is remixed by the Future Beat Alliance. Here we deal with a spacey Downbeat characterised by dubby echoes and positive sytnh-chords alongside Shawn Lee’s vocals that provide us with a smooth soulful vibe - recommended for the relaxed evening hours!

09.05.2005 / flo'alike / mail

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