review: broken beats

Big Bang feat. Nathan Haines - Smile In Your Eyes - Arision

Mark de Clive-Lowe delivers a massive production with a fat beat and bassline. Broken Beat is alive - and Alexander's soulful vocals do the rest to make us Djs as well as common listeners happy.

Afro-cuban rhythms underline the flute, played by Nathan Haines who adds a further melodic element to the bassline.Together with Mark's keys that make the harmony section complete, the track is ranging very high in the charts of 2005-even if most of the year is still to come!
After their successful „city to city“ lp on Ubiquity records, Cuica, consisting of Simone Serritella and Pete Herbert, provide a house remix of the same track, that includes the typical and characteristic brazilian rhythm section, funky bassline and synths, fresh for summer 2005!
Altogether the 12“ is a must have for all forward thinking Djs that want to maintain quality productions and new musical influences, to make their mixes exciting and to bring some difference to the common DJ-thing. Congratulations Arision recordings, you made it again!

09.05.2005 / flo'alike / mail

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