review: broken beats

Hipster Wonkaz - We Love / Hot Face - Flyin' High

Hipster Wonkaz is a collaboration between Danilo Plessow (Inverse Cinematics/DITD) and Pablo Valentino (head of Faces Records/Kid Swing), both coming from the French-German border region. In the fields of musical style they are heavily into progressive and broken beats with a touch of what they call „lo-fi jazz“.

„Hot Face“ is a raw programmed, dark track, distinguishing with tricky beats and murderous bass that pushes enormously in our stomach area when we listen to, or should we say „feel“ it in the club. The Dogdaze remix changes the roughness with deepness but ranges in behalf of stormy bass in the same league. We must admit, however, these tracks are not advised for easy 4/4 house floors, as the beats are just too tricky for this kind of entertainment,but that's what we like, isn't it!
„We love“ is a more organic track on the hip hop tip but still rollin' with its upright bass and a beat reminiscent of old trip hop times. The track is underlined with tribute-paying vocals to the people inspiring them. Nice chords that really deserve the title „lo-fi jazz-not-jazz hip-hop feel“ are rounding off the track. Pablo Valentino's remix under his Kid Swing moniker adds some more dissonant chords and his bass-line reaches even lower frequencies, while the rest of the track causes the same ideas, little slower, but well-done.
Summing up the whole release stands for itself, spreading flyin' high's label character,sometimes dark and deep, on the other hand funky, tricky beats- we wish to count more of that!

09.05.2005 / flo'alike / mail

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