review: broken beats

Reel People - The Rain - Papa

After Reel People's second guess release, they are back with another hit called „the rain“ for this year's spring/summer season.
„The rain“ is an uplifting Boogie-tune that cannot deny a proper portion of broken beat spices. No other than the mighty Domu got the job for the drum programming and of course he did, as expected, a good one on it.

The warm swinging bass-line alongside that beat builds up a massive track-basis, pointing directly to the dance floor. Leon Stenning on guitar delivers funky licks causing that original feeling of a band playing right in front of you. Sharlene Hector's sublime vocal talents lift the track up in a real summer mood. For a short period of time she has worked with many big names such as Basement Jaxx, Shaggy and Miss Dynamit. She even did a job for the Coca Cola company singing for an advertisement campaign. „The rain“ is also featured on different compilations, for example Joey Negro's „in the house compilation“. If you can't get enough of it, we advise you to not listen to it too often or to choose the instrumental version which is placed on the flipside – just to protect from wearing it out.
With this Reel People release Papa records steps back into the (spot)light of the scene. You should keep an eye on it, i recommend.

09.05.2005 / flo'alike / mail

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