review: broken beats

Delgui feat. Colonel Red - "it's gonna be alright" (4lux)

After the Flowriders releases (12“ album sampler and album „starcraft“), 4lux comes with a further production called „It's gonna be alright“ produced by Delgui, which is a project formed by Paulo Delgado in collaboration with 4lux label owner Gerd.

This 4-tracker features two broken mixes on the A-side and a house version on the flip together with an instrumental. Both B-side tracks were produced by Stereo Twins (with support of Gerd) who are new on the 4lux imprint. The original is a very organic, broken tune with a quite reserving but complex beat and a simple bass structure. Colonel Red's strong vocals ,well, an all-time favourite, add the certain soul to it. Gerd's remix changes what we called „reserving“ and „complex“ and turns it into a raw, monotone but still broken foot dropper, accelerating immensely with the straight verse structure of Red's vocals and a fast high-hat pattern. The Stereo Twins' work is a completely new thing with a 4/4 beat layed underneath and a very simple, seemingly organic bass-line impression in a Chicago house style. Altogether the Delgui release is a quality production, which is a must for every broken beat head!

14.05.2005 / flo'alike / mail

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