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Robert Strauss - Rhythm of Life EP - Freerange

With the „Rhythm of Life EP“, Robert Strauss gives us a first taste of his forthcoming, stunning debut album „Quasars and Phasars“, which is scheduled for release on Freerange on the 19th of sept 2005.

The musician, playing drums, keyboards since he was a child and later on even guitar in a school rock band, delivers broadband tracks, reflecting multicultural influences and traces of different genres as NuSoul, BrokenBeats, Funk, HipHop, House as well as Disco and Jazz. Former releases on Osunlade´s (who is responsible for the Yoruba Soul Mix on A1) label Yoruba or collaborations with Baatin from Slum Village witness his deep understanding for demanding music.
The Yoruba Soul mix from "Rhythm of Life" on A1 attracts with its intimate vocals as well as the echo-rims and will work greatly on every sexy dancefloor; so does the original on the flipside with its grooving bassline and some characteristical funk elements.
My personal favourite "What You Talkin´ Bout" on AA2 is faster, pushes straight forward with a broken-beat bassdrum, that´s supported by a funky sub-bassline and incredible high-hats building up a tension that send shivers down our spine!
Remains to mention, that the next release on Freerange from Trevor Lovey called "Turn it up" isn´t far away and house lovers will go crazy about!

30.05.2005 / edgar.strobl / mail

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