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Chris Thomas King - Revelations - AFR028

afro art recordings did it again with this party bomb! they signed the million selling artist chris thomas king who was featured in the coen brothers movie “o brother where are thou?”.

chris, also known as a very successful blues artists met with paul murphy, head of AAR. and the result? a black 12” filled with really heavy shit. two versions of “dirty south hip-hop blues” - a track of chris thomas king’s album really kick your ass. just as the name says: afrolatinblues, the a side really blows you away with blues vocals and a stunning blues leading-guitar with a typical latin afro beat just as you like it from afro arts. both versions seem to sound similar but you have to listen few times to get to know the difference. like it very much, one of the releases which manipulates your brain finally make you body moving. the "revelations" radio mix is exclusively available on the the aar-server. feel free to download!

08.06.2005 / Matthias Desch / mail

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