review: broken beats

Colonel Red, Omar & Spoonface - Move Up, Young Style, She Don't Know My Name - Faada

follow up of the “BruQ Steppin” series on faada records. and this one is rightfully called as a double A-side 12”. Colonel Red, one of the most featured singers at the moment in the broken soul-scene (you can await his album “blue eyed black” this summer on people records!!) again delivers soulful vocals on headshakin’ broken bumping-beats in a dancehall style.

using the same beat, faada head and yin-yang-singer spoonface creates a new version of seijis “yin yang” (honest jon’s) which was played up and down on gilles petersons worldwide show or benji b’s deviation. but the biggest thing in my opinion is “she don’t know my name” on - as you know - the second a side. soul ace “omar” (big release from himself at the moment on a whitelabel - i have wounded my fingers in diggin for it in vain) breaks it down with a track which makes you catch your girl (or boy) and dance in an offlight club (why not trying @ bogaloo...?). omar is in business for over a decade and some people say he was influenced by maxwell, jill scott, erykah badu or stevie wonder. “if it’s broken, don’t fix it...” @ faada

08.06.2005 / Matthias Desch / mail

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