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Trailer Happiness present's Velvet Voodoo - Whatmusic

This kind of release is pure coincidence. At the beginning it was planned as a giveaway for the members only club “Milk & Honey”. The reaction on a limited sendout of about 2000 copies changed the whole idea...

Partially the success of the CD is owned to some DJ’s how played there. So several month later Whatmusic, Charlie Leech, the bar owner and “deepdigger” Jonathan Downey decided to release the album in october 2005. And here we are: the album is a mixture of classical Jazz, brazilian Soul, Fusion, Funk and Afro Bossa, recorded from 1964-1979. The test EP shows the big diversity of the whole compilation and comes along with four great tracks, first one is the Open Sky Unit with “Sunshine Star” a great funky soul track supported by father and daughter Jaques and Micheline Pelzer. The second one is called “Brother” from Emilio Santiago (1970). Third one was taken from an ultra-limited (only 600 copies) record called “Wahoo” made in 1973 by Eero Kolvistoinen. My favourite one is the well known “Naima” from John Coltrane which was done in a beautiful dedication to his wife. On the album you can hear a polished version from Micheline Pelzer and this one is so execellent you cannot get enough of it. This release works absolutely in the club and at home for intensive listening. really a big one! @ Whatmusic

20.07.2005 / Matthias Desch / mail

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