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Yukihiro Fukutomi - Equality - Pancd002/Panlp002

Yukihiro Fukutomi, a guy born in japan comes along with his 8th(!) longplayer which will be released on Pantone Music on august 29th. Rightfully you can say this is a “worldwide” release, Yukihiro took the helping hand from London, Gothenburg, Piladephia to Tokyo...

To explain his brightness in knowing the spirit of good music think of the great work he has done: releases on King Street, Hospital, JCR(Compost), Schema, Head to Toe & actual collaboration with Blaze(!) to name a few...
The CD comes with 14 tracks (two bonus tracks from Blackbeard and Dimitri from Paris) and reflects the versatile talents of Mr. Fukutomi who started djing, producing and composing in the late 80’s. Yukihiro Fukutomi was supported by Rich Medina, Lady Alma (4Hero singer), Victor Davis and Ernesto, all of them great soul singers. The album shows its deep Jazzroots combined with excellent soul and the new spirit of a great danceable housebeat. But this is not all, you can also hear melancholic elements - this is just music - and the big influence from the so called West London Scene, i.e. the hypnotizing track “road to nowhere” which is one of my favourites after “equality”. This product is spiced with much more elements and influences from other music styles - done with so much love - so you cannot leave it in you record dealer’s shop. Please take some time to listen to this lovemade album - you will not repent it. @ Pantone Music

20.07.2005 / Matthias Desch / mail

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