review: broken beats

Two Cities - Speechless EP (HDWK002)

This is the second EP-release on a new label from UK and it represents the new project by Ian Cater, a South London producer. Accurately it is a four track EP showing the “dark” side of Mr. Cater...

The tracks “melt” and “kolos-vary” can be considered as dark productions with a broken leading beat, very (wobble)bass-depending. You can also find some melodic synthie elements which make the tracks more interesting. Both titles got heavy rotation on J Da Flex’ radioshow (BBC 1xtra) and on IG Culture DJ-mixes. Second A-side track is a live rework of the Funkadelic classic featuring Lascelles (7 Hurtz/BNH) on drums and Des Morgan (Yam Who?) on bass and percussion. Very Downbeat/HipHop-like with funky elements, also bass-depending and some e-guitars.
The last track “theme from the black lake” comes as a minimal midtempo breakbeat production with synthies in background which make the whole thing not too nervous and to keep it in the right position. Definitely a production for DJ’s but also for music lovers and intensive listeners. Get your copy at underground solution!
@ handiwork records

31.07.2005 / matthiasdesch / mail

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