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Mark de Clive-Lowe - State Of The Mental / Travelin Remixes - abb records

This is the next release of Mark de Clive-Lowe on the californian label abb which signed him for the intelligent album “Tides Arising”, one of his most successful work! The 12” contains four tracks of the album which had been remixed by Phuturistix, Maddslinky and all time favourite Domu...

Phuturistix, a two men combination (Zed Bias & Injekta) worked out two new versions (club - and radioedit) of “state of the mental”. Starting up with a percussion and cymbal orgy, heavy beat enters and takes you away straight onto the floor still keepin the soul of the album version. The radio edit is a cutted down elaboration of the club mix, also a banger.
Maddslinky converted “state of the mental” into a low frequency dubtrack with some original vocal elements and a hypnotic clickbeat sublined with deep wobble bass making the track really dirty!
"Traveling" in the Domu-version appears in an offtrack garb combined with vocals of pioneer singer Bembe Segue (kickin' Capitol A!) and melancholic keys. The track ends up with a break short after the middle catching you with a crazy beat and lo-fi synthie elements and revised spheric vocals. A really interesting one! ne-va stop the pro-cess!! Release date: tba. @ abb records / .

11.08.2005 / matthiasdesch / mail

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