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Douglas Pagan & Double Identity EP's - Voltage Music

Voltage Music is a small future-oriented label from San Francisco, CA. Two actual and fresh releases are from Double Identity and Douglas Pagan...

Double Identity aka Dub ID and DJ Tomas delivers a three track EP, very dancefloor oriented. In the package you can find a murderous dry broken-techno version of “can’t explain” done by Ohio’s Titonton Duvante, a techno and offbeat producer, also well known in europe. Further on you can hear the original version of this track, a kind of dubby piano electronica. some elements sound like Kruder&Dorfmeister style...
Second EP is from multitalent Douglas Pagan (DJ, bandleader, multiinstrumentalist, poet) with the “Kara Walker Variations #32 EP”. Dominic Stanton aka Domu comes along with his interpretation of “Kara Walker” - typical West-London-Style with strange keys, a kicking beat, cowbells and a bad ass bass. Second one called “Scent of a Rockstar” is based on a complex handclap beat with klicking background elements and a wahwah bass, very interesting.
Altogether very straight forward tracks from innovative producers! Expect albums and some more EP releases this winter! @ voltage music

08.09.2005 / matthiasdesch / mail

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