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Legends Of The Underground - Original O.S.T. - Kindred Spirits

“A tale of good versus evil in a kingdom where rules don’t apply. A war has begun in a world unknown to man. A corrupted entity with only one intention in mind. Set in a modern world, based on an ancient myth. Mans guidance is the spirit of the chosen, his downfall is an ansatiable urge to possess more. As angels prepare for war, who will set the captives free? A race against time where two worlds co-exist, Legends Of The Underground... Fact, fiction or myth...?”

Paul Dolby aka Seiji from Bugz in the Attic was asked to create a sound track for this. The result is a big collaboration of Seiji, Mark de Clive-Lowe, Dominic Stanton and Bembe Segue. This production is considered as O.S.T. and consists of eight “on each other” depending tracks, raising more and more, ending up in a highpoint, followed by a fade you: like film music. The point is, that this are not only tracks for themselfes, all the productions are small pieces of one big thing. Combined with 3D animations and dances the project shows its full background in a live performance on stage - to understand you have to see this video on fabchannel, performed @ paradiso, amsterdam.
The most danceable part is “cafira” in the Seiji re-rinse which is available separately on onesided vinyl. The whole project also will be released on LP mid september. This kind of sophisticated work was supported and released on Kindred Spirits (distributed through Rushhour), a looking forward and broadbanded label from Holland. For themself they call it a philosophy: it consists of soul and jazz, latin and funk, boogie and disco, hiphop (jneiro jarel!), afrobeat and soulfull house - and this innovative soundtrack. Extremely interesting for active listeners. @ kindred spirits
For some background information:Rushhour is raising to one of the most future orientated distributor and label in europe. The camp grows more and more and gathers best underground labels - so you can find high quality in all styles guaranteed by intelligent specialists.
Check the upcoming mix-cd-series. First one was done by Amsterdam hiphop kings Rednose Distrikt with an excellent selection of Rushhour distributed tracks!

08.09.2005 / matthiasdesch / mail

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