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Bakura - Reach The Sky - Especial Records

Sonar Circle, Umod, Rima, Yotoko, Domu, Zoltar, Bakura,... who are all these guys? Don’t rack your brain... i do not know a second artist with so many alias dominic stanton has...

Let me describe it in a very short way, “Yotoko” is his electronic, straight forward part, "Domu" shows the offbeat soul, “Umod” stands for a kind of hiphop - and “Bakura” to get the point ablazes with deep warm house beats. Reach The Sky is the newest album of bakura on the japanese especial label. And this comes with so much harmony, it really kindles a fire. In my opinion this is one of the best albums this autumn/winter. Surely it works on cold evenings in the club and on misty evenings in you living room. Bakura delivers eleven tracks, all based on house beats and soul vocals. He switches from deephouse to some disco elements (play tha game), to latin (veya veya); he combines with jazzy offbeat elements in bada and also some hiphop(!) but all caught in a magnificent atmosphere. But one thing i cannot figure out. How does he all this work? I think his days have 48 hours... you should know that also a new album from “Domu” is ready to launch on neroli (italy), not talking about all the remixes dominic does for other artist.
But Bakura was also remixed by recloose (also check this album - ladies and gents, there is so much to write about) and DJ Mitsu The Beats, Japans figurehead in hiphop. So expect some more 12” on especial records, a hard to find label in germany but exclusivly distributed by rushhour, our neighbours from holland. Get up and watch out for this album. Tip!! ...and have a look on Dominics refreshed website: dom-uniqueproductions

08.09.2005 / matthiasdesch / mail

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