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Sasso - Tudo Bem Remixes - Rainy City Music (RCM021)

Sasso’s „Tudo Bem“, an interesting funky piano jazztrack has been released about a year ago and it was very successful until now. Rainy City licensed the track and released a so called “Remix EP” with four versions...

Only Child delivers two of the four tracks. First one is the simply called “Only Child Remix”; it keeps the latin touch, raises tension with a simple bassline and the well known piano solo. In the middle it changes into a relaxing 115bpm slowhouse version. The Only Child Dub goes on with many original elements combined with an extra bassline which gives the production the typical dub flair. Concerning to tempo the Electric Soul Orchestra Remix is similar to the Only Child Remix. A stodgy broken house track with 110bpm, so it is a more to listen track or for a warming up session.
Perry Hemus did the jazziest one with a heavy bossa house beat, a great elaboration which also raises tension in an excellent way! In my opinion the best version.
Altogether a fine collection of remixes but not with the expected kick for the floor. Surely for club but more interesting for the listeners among you. Give it a chance and check it out, you won’t repent it! @ Rainy City Music

05.10.2005 / matthiasdesch / mail

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