review: broken beats

Omar - Omar EP 2 - omarmusic

Dear music interested reader, this kind of release on the hard to get „omarmusic“-label is a soul-touched high quality production...

Opener “it’s so” comes as a broken beat banger with the typical soulful and smooth vocals by legend Omar, jazzy sax/trumpets and funky “earworm” bass melody - made for the floor and to sing with! The tracks two, three and four are done in a more “commercial” way but are also elaborated with professional hands and ears. In an extremley slow (65bpm!) way “i want it” enters your mind and makes your body swing with. Next one is “no reaseon with don-e”, a kind of hiphop style, much faster than the second one, also with a melodical singing part and vocoder overworked background vocals. A classic film strings interlude introduces into track number four, the so called “tell me” - the story tells about love sublined with soulful beats and strings and the refrain again invites you to sing with. A pity that the tracks are so short (all about four and five minutes - which seems to be long but you know, if you like a track it cannot take enough time).
To subsum this release is interesting for DJs because of track one and absolutely for soul lovers.
Drop of bitterness: a really big but hard to get release, hope the label will do more for music lovers in future releases. But never mind, album will be available soon! For further information, soundsnippets, picture, etc. klick to omarmusic.
Tip: You can listen to “it’s so” in the bogaloo radio show from 16th of october. tune in @!

27.10.2005 / matthiasdesch / mail

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