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Sun Ra - Stardust from Tomorrow - Deja Vu Rec.

Who has again the courage to remix and to do a tribute to Sun Ra? The italian label Dejavu recordings has licensed the Sun Ra classical tune “Stardust From Tomorrow” and did a remix job for this.

The result is a 12” release with enough electronics for clubdancefloors. Croatic producer Jana Valdevit (Zagreb, watch out for the new album “Eddie meets Yannah” on Compost Records) did a moving forward offbeat-burner which makes you headshaking. Jana keeps the important jazzy elements and vocals and combines it with the new danceable beat. The second producer for the remix project is the italian “Jazzgod” Gerardo Frisina, well known from Nicola Contes “Schema” Label. Gerardo always convicts with great jazzhouse productions, surely you know some of his tracks from earlier releases. Mr. Frisina did two versions, first one is the “dissociated moods mix”, a nearly 7 minutes classical swinging jazz bomb, my absolute favourite. But where is Gerardos awaited jazzhouse version? Have a look at the flipside, it starts with a percussion and bassguitar solo, later the housebeat enters. Eclectic sax and the typical piano melody rounds up the track. in my opinion a absolutely perfect remix project (sometimes remix projects from allstars are “too much” - i.e. Ennio Morricone...), again with an overwhelming Gerardo Frisina. Special Tip! A record absolutely worth the money charged for.

29.10.2005 / matthiasdesch / mail

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