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Gerardo Frisina - Congart/Alborado - Afroart

To go on with Gerardo Frisina let us have a look on his next ultrafresh release. Maybe you think he has four hands, the new release (besides the new album “The Latin Kicks” on Schema) he comes with is a “just for the floor” monster latin percussion bomb on Afroart Records...

Two tracks on a 12 inch, you only have to read the titles - they say everything! Back to the roots in typical afroart style; a record for 3 o’ clock in the morning in full clubs. Everybody who stands still on this tracks must be deaf (sorry...) or has no feeling for rhythm. “Congart” starts with a highhat solo in background, wild percussion, bass and piano enters, they melt together in one of the most danceable tracks of this year. Gerardo sets the finishing move with the second track “Alborado”, using similar elements from congart but in a more houseystyle. This productions will rock Bogaloo again and again like Spiritual South’s “Jazzroom” (read earlier reviews) - Afroart is back on deck and continues high quality work! Listen at their website.

02.11.2005 / matthiasdesch / mail

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