review: house

Isoul8 - "How I Feel"-Stagioni/Neroli

1-sided 12"
label : Stagioni Italy - Neroli
cat-nr: (NER0SJ 4)
release: 26th September, 2005
Deep House!!!

the fourth and last part of the neroli – slam jam series. this time isoul8 is supported by kaidi tatham from the Bugz In The Attic to deliver a deep journey and, obviously, to pay some respect
to his deep-house influences. with the claps, the sub-bass-melody and the passionately arranged effects, it reminds of something Carl Craig-like: something for a overfilled floor, with sexy people raising their hands, eyes closed, hips shakin´ - incredible mood! “how i feel” also represents a taster of the forthcoming album “balance”, thats presented by no one else but Volcov, which will feature guests like kaidi tatham, osunlade, just one and many more.

16.11.2005 / edgar strobl / mail

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