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Marc Mac - How About A Game Of Chess - ABB Soul

Here we are again with a new superb longplayer, just released on the well known westcoast label ABB Records, a label catching more and more artists from the London DJ and producer scene.

After the big album from Mark de Clive-Lowe, which is nominated for the Album Of The Year on Gilles Petersons show now you can acquire the brandnew release on ABB, an album from nobody other than 4Heroís Marc Mac! Everybody who guesses now this is subsequent to the last 4Hero album should be opened to conviction. First of all, don't misunderstand: this is NOT a 4Hero album! The ambiguous title of the longplayer makes you anticipating more. What you can find here is a collection of tracks, samples and baubles which prove Marcís HipHop fable and his enormous spectrum of musical talent. A puzzle of 22 pieces that varies terrifically in lenght, musical content and manifoldness. Ingenious for listening and versatile to use - maybe only at home or as a DJ-tool or for that certain something in a DJ-Set, especially in HipHop. If you occupy intensively you can discover a hommage to the likes of Terry Callier, Etta James of Ramsey Lewis by all means. This is a convincing product which raises pleasant anticipation on sophisticated outputs, for instance on the new 4Hero longplayer, announced for 2006....
I wonder who's the next "Mark" or "Marc" on ABB. This one is highly recommended!

21.11.2005 / matthiasdesch / mail

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