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Idea6 - Metropoli - Deja Vu LP

Just as you know, a few weeks ago i have published a review on a release on Deja Vu Rec., the “Sun Ra Tribute”, absolutely for club and aiming at the floor. But you should know, this label can also do the other way...!

Hence, Paolo Scotti, head of Deja Vu has just produced a brandnew release, on streets on 2nd of december. The artist i am speaking about is called “Idea6”, a sextett (two of them, Gianni Basso on sax and Dino Piana on trombone are amazing seventy-years-olds!) out of Italy and what they do is pure Jazz, pure dope! No electronic support, just true and palpable instruments like saxophone, trombone, trumpet, double bass, drums and piano.
A single vinyl album (also available on CD), containing six long tracks, delights you well. Ok, i am not that Jazz expert, but this kind of Jazz has so much swing, enlightens and warms up your heart in this cold autumn eves. Consider to sit by the fireside with a glass (or a bottle) of red wine and to listen to this music. Let me tell you in a reasonable way this is too hard to explain. To get a foretaste have a look on this, here you are able to catch some snippets. But remember, the snippets are only the tip of the iceberg you need to listen to the whole album. This is the modern Italian Jazz, this work is pure Sex.

23.11.2005 / matthiasdesch / mail

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