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Rich Medina - Connecting The Dots - Kindred Spirits

Kindred Spirits, Netherlands figurehead label has a new imprint and this one is nobody other than striking voice Rich Medina. Skipping through the album made me acquire this widget and finally listening to it at home in peace made me reasoning: Thats it!

Rich hits the nail on the head and integrates well into the excellent release series with an overwhelming musical album. Finally officially released a few weeks ago it is based on HipHop combined with a great mixture of soul, spoken words, instrumentals and detroit elements (choklit ninja kicks asses!). He was supported by some great guest vocalists and instrumentalists like Jneiro Jarell, Michelle Shaprow, Jeremy James, Lady Alma, Seiji or Ivana Santilli. The album cannot be assigned to one special group fixed on one style, it services much more interesting elements you’ll recognize after listening and listening again... You will have to find out for yourself but let me reassure: This one it absolute worth its money - 17 tracks, intros and interludes on two vinyls or on CD. And finally let me tell you one intimate thing. Imagine having sex on “Happiness”... I love this track! @ Kindred Spirits / Rushhour

12.01.2006 / matthiasdesch / mail

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