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New Deep House music on Nick Solé Trax Label

This 12” is the first release on Nick Solé’s Record Label with one long-running Deep House track on each side called “my destination” and “falling down”...

Behind the synonym Nick Solé is Karsten Kaufmann, Dj and producer since 1988. His favourite styles are Deep House, Downtempo, Nu-Jazz and Soul. He is also the founder of the mbeat recordstore in Potsdam, Germany.
The A-side of his new record features a very warm and low bass drum that massages our bellies. Sparse percussion and lots of shakers and high hats are joining the beat and add a driving force. Smooth keys and discreet handclaps give it the right feeling. The bassline, which is always very important especially in Deep-House music is held in Jazz harmonies according to the keys and also evokes a little more interest when it begins to play. The whole track is perfect for smooth dancing and ass-shaking while clapping in your hands to the beat. The flipside is more dub-inspired and starts with soulful vocals blended through the atmosphere of reserved guitar strings, synthies and bird sounds. It is quite laid back and tends to work for pure listening or warm ups. Altogether this new Nick Solé Trax vinyl isn’t really groundbreaking or progressive, however it is just nice House sound one can really enjoy.

19.01.2006 / flo'alike / mail

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