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V./A.- Foundation Music - Back to now EP

Watch out! The Label Foundation Music is known for real deep and experimental stuff when it comes to House music. At the end of 2005 they published their 8th release and it could not have become better. I’m talking about the “Back to now”-ep, a 4-tracker...

featuring Joel Harrison, Jason Todd, Oblique and the Loose Ensemble. What makes this disc so exciting besides the high quality club sounds is the fact that the cost/performance ratio is also at the same level. Finally a label comes up with more than one track and its instrumental:-)- I really welcome that!
A1 is Joel Harrison’s ace called “Cosmos” that starts with a punching beat followed by a heavy bass line immediately. Soft keys pull out the drive a bit also making it more exciting and energetic. Jason Todd’s “Space invader” is a very positive song, especially the nice vocals. It starts with a complex rhythmic pattern that switches over to a Reggae-inspired groove ending up in a straight House beat. Jason Todd seems to have fun by playing with the beats and the reaction the listeners or club crowd gives back according to the sound. Saxophone licks are scattered around the track providing additional energy and fun. This one is dope ;-) A3 is called “Mood Music” produced by Oblique. The track reminds of old, sparse and minimal techno times- Detroit is greeting. Sometimes new synthie sounds are added and leave as fast as they have occured as if they were turning in a circle although the whole song sounds kind of static. A4 is the Loose Ensemble with “1989”, which speeds up a little bit. It also has some techy influences. The bass is done by an arpeggiator as well as some synthetic melodies. Delayed hand claps make sure the tempo is quite fast and driving forward without being obtrusive. The melody is the distinctive hook of the song and represents the centre of the track. It starts very early and abruptly but this is the moment where it will catch you!

19.01.2006 / flo'alike / mail

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