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Suntzu Sound -

The 6-man dj and producer collaboration from Seattle (and Washington?) just signed at the
highly recommendet Giant Step label, where also the first Suntzu Sound Ep came out.

The 3 tracker features AC Lewis with vocals by Ndidi Cascade in a track called "Tickles" and 1LUV - "Black Daylight", produced by well known Capital A and Dr.J - my absolute favourite track right now! Charmingly untight sang vocals by J.Oculto, A.Green & Jzabela and a arrangement
of instruments, that makes me remember of 4hero at its best! So who wonders, that one finds the name Suntzu Sound on so many dj-playlists at the moment. Really hope for more new stuff out of this collabo and I´m pretty shure we´will get some

31.01.2006 / edgar strobl / mail

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