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Wahala Project pres. Wahala - 51Lex

News from 51Lex Records! A brandnew record by the so called Wahala Project is ready to be released and this is a goodie for the afro-heads among you...

Wahala (a yoruba word for afflicion, trouble or tribulation) Project is a cooperation betwen Dele Sosimi (Fela Kuti keyboarder), Lekan Babalola (you know...), Af3ca and Femi Elias and what they deliver is a typical high quality afrofunk track. Maybe also a tribute to Fela Kuti. Starting off with a funky guitar intro and later combined with horns the track is also sublined with club-suitable beats and warm vocals and raises up to a smooth sax-solo in the middle of the song holding the high level ‘till the end. The vinyl comes with vocal and instrumental version and should be released on may 6th. The track deals with the optimism most africans experience daily events when faced with unimaginable adversity. “Armed robber de come for road, everybody scatter, scatter, rich man today, poor man tomorrow, poor man today, rich man tomorrow”. Wahala. Expect the tune in forthcoming bogaloo radio show! For more information check this.

01.04.2006 / matthiasdesch / mail

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