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Harvey Lindo - Kid Gloves (A Modaji Longplayer) - Compost Rec.

Think, some of you know the name Dominic Jacobson aka Modaji who started producing and releasing on the well known label Laws of Motion (went bankrupt times ago). In these terrific times the so called “Nu Jazz”...

...was on climax and Dominic contributed to this with his “future jazz & broken beats” style. After also becoming a well known DJ (@ club bogaloo in the year 2000!) and running into trouble with his own label and LoM he signed on Japans Planet Groove Rec. with the new pseudonym “Harvey Lindo”. The new style on this name is HipHop as a principal part. The album named above was released in the pacific room in summer of 2005, but Munich based Compost Records noticed this one and licensed it to release it in Europe. The basic element of this longplayer are HipHop instrumentals (in origin demos for Laws of Motion) but Dominic enforced his work with several singers like Phillipa Alexander, Kat Jonson or Lacks, to name a few. Now what you get is an interesting album with twelve tracks (cd / vinyl). Most of the productions are done in a simple way, easy grooving beats sublined with deep melodic elements vocal snippets and interspersed scratches. Only the last track deviates from the album concept. What is it about? It is a nearly 8 minute maximum relaxing jazztrack with a decent beat in the background. To subsum, this is a really interesting album which increases the array of products on Compost Records and which should not be missed in the record bag of an open minded HipHop fan. @ Compost Records

05.05.2006 / matthiasdesch / mail

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