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Kyoto Jazz Massive (KJM) - 10th Anniversary - Compost

After ten years of Djing, producing and selling records, the dope heads from Japan from the so called “Acid Jazz”-scene in the early 90s are going to release their tribute compilation KJM-10th Anniversary on Compost Records.

But before getting into detail, let us go a little bit backwards into the last century. KJM is the project of the two brothers Shuya and Yoshihiro Okino. As lovers of Rare Groove and Acid Jazz they have started Djing regularely around Kyoto. After a few years they decided to release their first compilation entitled “Jazz Massive”, based upon their project title. KJM’s breakthrough came around when Compost Records signed the two brothers in the year 2000, releasing their first 12” called “eclipse” which was a big player in the club scene and in the BBC radio charts. The so called “Nu Jazz” found its climax around the year 2000; in this period of time Jazzanova released their global player “Fedimes Flight” on JCR, which had been remixed by KJM - to illustrate their big success. This one was followed up by their first timeless longplayer called “Spirit Of The Sun” in 2002, also on Compost. Never getting tired on their work additionally Shuya acts on his own club “The Room” in Tokyo and as A&R and producer for Sleepwalker. His brother Yoshihiro runs the “Especial Records” label and the recordstore of the same name.
But now to the actuall longplayer - better to say compilation. It is a 2CD widget with 19 tracks containing originals, classics, remixes and tributes by other heads of the local music scene. Remixers are Blaze, Quantic or Kenny Dope; tributes are from Incognito, Domu, Afronaught, Dego, Reel People, Da Lata or Jazztronik to name a few.
In the end this is another example of showing big respect to the music and the work from the guys from Japan. A really big one to reminisce in times gone by and to prepaire for summer - two CDs full of excellent music! To be released on 8th of may. check them out on myspace.

07.05.2006 / matthiasdesch / mail

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