review: broken beats

Positive Flow - Positivity (Album Sampler) - Native Force

Native Force, the UK based label has just dropped a new release by Positive Flow, an album sampler on the forthcoming album. Positive Flow is a solo project... Jesse Reuben Wilson and he features some talented and respected guest artists (like Donna Gardier, releases on Virgin and a part of Sting’s backing band) on this longplayer. But first to the four track album sampler. It is a mixture of future orientated music, effects, samples and vocals. Different styles on nu-soul/nu-jazz with a touch of 2step (!), liquid funk, broken beats and hiphop enter your ears. Not only for the dancefloor at all the tracks are absolutely worth to listen to them, in example “red light emergency” remembers of earlier drum’n’bass/liquid funk times. Favourite on this one is “dance of the soul”, the first time i have heard it i thought this is Ursula Rucker – genious. Intelligent beat programming and wonderful strings on spoken words. To get a full overview, check out Jesse on myspace. Interesting one!

10.07.2006 / matthiasdesch / mail

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